IT outsourcing – what is it in simple words

IT-outsourcing in simple words is a subcontracting of IT-infrastructure support and external IT-support for companies. In other words, IT-outsourcing is a business relationship between two companies when one of them orders IT-services from the other (from computer and server maintenance to security and virtualization configuration) instead of expensive maintenance of its own IT-department or excessive hassle with in-house specialists.

With it outsourcing, companies rely on the professional advantages of third-party high-tech service providers. This way, they achieve their goals faster and at lower cost, while delegating risk responsibility to professionals who can handle difficult tasks. The fundamental principle of outsourcing IT services is the ability of the hired partner to focus on a specific task and perform it better, faster and cheaper than the hirer can do on his own.

What are outsourced IT services like?

All types and kinds of outsourcing of IT services are based on using external resources for effective implementation of business processes (and not only commercial) on the rails of IT solutions with high-tech equipment, tools, applications – that is the IT infrastructure as a whole.

Provision of such services by professional IT-company gives special advantages to customers in the form of an expert approach. And more often it’s not even a question of highly qualified and experienced specialists (although those who are engaged in IT-outsourcing for many years have already developed ready-made solutions to problems), but rather the latest and expensive equipment, applications and services, which sometimes are simply beyond the means of an ordinary organization.

In what situations is IT-outsourcing indispensable?

If the regular system administrator got sick or went on vacation, or staffing efforts are not enough for the increased seasonal workload, the companies order a specialist on the road, or remote maintenance. And in the future, you don’t have to fire anyone or figure out what to tell the disbanded IT department – the IT outsourcing company is only engaged for load periods.

For the past three years, businesses have been increasingly interested in outsourcing technology infrastructure and complex near-technical tasks. There are some trends that are a thing of the past, and there are some that have a new future behind them.